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Wikifudia is the Wiki part of Fastfude - a community for musicians and fans of music from Northern Ireland and its environs.

Useful Categories

A full list of categories can be found here. There's also Help:Contents for helpful information about using Fastfude's wiki, gig listings and forums.

Services for bands Information about bands

Editing the Wiki

In a nutshell:

  1. Log in with your forum username and password.
  2. click the edit tab at the top of any page.

Any registered forum user can edit any page. Feel free to update any page that you have relevant and accurate information to add. Have a look at Special:WantedPages for stuff that needs to be written.

All edits are logged, so you can roll back mistakes and errors. Ask for help on the forums if you get stuck!

To create a new page, search for its title in the sidebar then click the red page link to create it if nothing is found.

Browse Help:Contents for more info on using and editing the wiki.