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The Rule

Fastfude has one 'rule': Don't be a dick

There are changeable bits of housekeeping and other policies, outlined below, to keep things flowing in an orderly and balanced manner, but at least stick to the above and most things will be fine.


Creating New Topics

To post a new topic, browse to the forum you'd like to post in and hit the 'post new topic' button.

Personal information

Don't post anyone's personal information (phone numbers, addresses, etc) without their explicit consent. It's a public forum and thus not a good place to put such things. Business contact info that's generally available by other public means is fine. If Person A needs to contact Person B and you can help, it's best to alert Person B privately and let them initiate contact if they so choose.

Post your topic once only

Don't repost it in multiple forums, or multiple times if your earlier one falls off the front page - that's spam, and spam is bad for the Internet.

There's no advantage to cross-posting anyway, as all new topics show up on the home page, RSS and twitter feeds no matter what forum you post in.

If you have new information, edit or reply to the old topic to bring it up to date. If no-one's replying, it may be that you need to rethink your wording, or simply that no-one is interested, sorry.

Put it in the right forum

  • General - stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere. If you have to post here, you're probably in the wrong forum.
  • Band News - to announce any developments of interest for your band: tours, releases, and so on.
  • Gigs - to advertise your band's gigs.
  • Equipment - for technical issues on using, fixing and tweaking your gear.
  • Market - for all small scale buying and selling of gear, music, odds and ends. No profiteers or touts - sell for face value or less only!
  • Recruitment - to find new bandmates, or advertise yourself to other musicians.
  • Industry & Commerce - for organisations, projects and companies to promote and trade.
  • Site Support - for any problems you encounter or suggestions you have with Fastfude itself

Keep all self-promotion to a single topic

If you have a project or business to promote, you can have one topic in which to do it, as per #Post your topic once only. This kind of posting is usually discouraged, and if you don't take part in Fastfude's community in any other way it won't be tolerated at all. This is a discussion forum, not a free-sheet. If exposure to the Fastfude audience has value for you, look into advertising with us, which pays for the site's upkeep.

Use a descriptive title

If you want anyone to read it, make sure your topic's subject line describes the contents well. Be specific and descriptive.

Good Titles
  • FS: 2004 USA STRAT, White, Beautiful - (£500)
  • Cold Comfort: The Rosetta Bar, Saturday 26/06/2010
  • Belfast, 21, Metal. out of practice vox/bass/drums
Bad Titles
  • Looking a gig?
  • Guitarist wanted.
  • New Blog!

Replying To Existing Topics

  • Bumping is bad. It is only permissible for gig topics, on the day of the gig.
  • Don't quote an entire long post. Just quote a relevant line or two as context for your reply.