1. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    For me:

    Barry Cullen's DJing between bands and at the end:
  2. avatar Cheeses Christ
    Musical: Los Cabras rocked, Invinyl rolled, BEV Ryan losing a stick mid set and not missing that many beats, The Torino semi-circle...

    Non-Musical: Griswold turning round to one of the kiddies at the bar and saying, "are you getting the shots in then?"

    Jonny, your pics are very cool by the way. The Bainejakey ones had me laughing like a fool.
  3. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    I swear I didn't alter the BJ picture in any way whatsoever:

    I'm pretty sure Griswold was doing a lot of this:

    More on way...
  4. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    Sorry, but I couldn't resist it:
  5. avatar fastfude

    typically, both my camera's batteries were empty, 'cos muggins forgot to charge 'em, so I've no band pics worth speaking of sadly.
  6. avatar fastfude
    also, muttlee had the foresight to plug a minidisc into the desk a record some of the gig. MP3s to follow...
  7. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    I didn't get to see many of the acts as I was at the door for the most of it. But the ones I did hear, ie. BarryC, Torino & Hybrid were excellent.

    The crowd was terrific, more than I expected. We pulled probably the biggest crowd for unsigned music in the nerve centre this year. Anyone who's ever performed there and seen normal turn-outs can testify to that. It was never gonna be a full house (even therepy?, Shane mac Gowan, The Frames & many more haven't been able to do that), but there was a nice atmostphere, a lot of introductions and cds flying about.

    A massive thanks to the bands & DJs, EPK, Roger, nocofeenoworkee, radio & newspaper people, and everyone else who made the night smoother.

    The Evangelists[/url] Edited by: Eamonn Evangelists at: 8/26/02 4:53:15 pm
  8. avatar smittennn
    ta for the pictures roger.
    evangelists, feline1, griswold, sooz, and i kept it real through the fest to qft warhol night(did youse see my dress?) to the wee hours with the black supremos...woohoo.
    wish i had not drank that last bottle of cider that gavin mckay fan bought. barely able to walk today with all that dancing.
    i am low profile this week xcept the evangelists cd launch wednesday at katy daly's!!! skint...guestlist please...
  9. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Ah yes, don't worry about Wednesday, I'll get ya in.

    Go Commando were excellent last night, the sound was perfect. The concept was not. I went back to Warzone Fest afterwards. Kill me!

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"] The Evangelists[/url]
  10. avatar Niall Harden
    i "enjoyed" last night.
    i enjoyed the go commando songs more than the VU ones.
    the song with delay noises at the start was great.
    venus in furs, er, wasn't :-/

    the party was good fun tho :-)
  11. avatar s00z
    oh god no.
    i told u fotos of me were bad!
    i look like a rabbit in headlights!
    It was a great gig.
    Was great to meet everyone, tho people commin up and sayin "ahh yer wee sooz with the website!" was a bit daunting!
    BEV were great, as were Los Cabras.
    Tho the behavious of SOME nameless belfastians was... well.. less said the better. You can't take that lot anywhere without at least 12 pee stops on the way home! (nevermind if they've already emptied their bladders in fridges/radiators/out windows onto unsuspecting bouncer's heads!)
  12. avatar traviswastherain
    Cool night. Highlights for me were los cabras(First time seeing them) and Barry Cullen was indeed class.
    Nice to see the cd table doing relatively
    good business too. Did any of our songs get
    recorded cos i think Barry played some weird samples over parts of one of our songs and I'd love to hear it again.

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  13. avatar Camp XRay
    Had a great time. Thanks for having us!

    Driving back to Belfast with a block of cardboard and some black bin liners instead of a rear window was also fun, we just pretended we were in a helicopter and quoted every Vietnam war movie we could remember.
  14. avatar Smack Weasel
    Full metal jacket

    "If they run their VC, if they stand still, their well
    disciplined VC" In the book the door gunner was naked, who said "war cant be fun".
  15. avatar fastfude
    i think the only full set recorded was Los Cabras, as again, batteries conspired against us. There are a selection of songs from several other acts though. Shall sort summat out tomorrow methinks.
  16. avatar traviswastherain
    Cool, looking forward to it Roger.

  17. avatar Alternative Ulster
    Hey Roger, do you fancy throwing the recorded material my way once you have it sorted, so that I can play it on the radio?
  18. avatar muttlee
    didn't get any of pocket promise.
    two by blind eye view with the bass guitar crackling like bejaysus.
    then invinyl sound pretty ok and torino's set sounds quite good.
    i am talking PURELY in terms of mix/ sound. this is in no way a critique.
    los cabras sounds surprisingly good for a mix straight off the desk.
    basically as the night went on the mix improved.
  19. avatar whosbainejakey
    Er, could we take the doctored pic of me down now please?It's freaking me out!

    Also, I'd like to point out that I don't think I'm "the big man" just because I got drunk and wretched. It's not big and it's not clever, so all you real big men out there can stop plotting my downfall...

    You are all still the big men.

  20. avatar Blind Eye View
    Yep, while the fastfude gig was a lot of fun, we did unfortunately have quite a few technical problems, but as with most multi band line ups there simply isn't the time for each band to get a soundcheck.


    Wed 28 Aug - Katy dalys, Belfast
    Fri 06 Sep - Lower Deck, Dublin
  21. avatar Wasp Boy
    Thanks to everyone.

    There's nothing better than sitting at a gig knowing you have to play in 5 hours, then being handed a bottle of whiskey and some buckfast.

    Apologies to the bus driver.
  22. avatar whosbainejakey
    I thought he was Goatboy's dad?!

  23. avatar Wasp Boy
    Goatboy is the spawn of some lesser demon.

    Got your party shoes on?
  24. avatar whosbainejakey
    Dancing shoes? Just lacing them up now.

    Yr on for tonight by the way, and you can bring a friend too if you want (wa-hey!)

    Drinks at my house from 6:30pm, give me a buzz after 6 if you need directions again.

    Happy Birthday!

  25. avatar dodgi stereo
    My first post!
    The part where I was dancing.
  26. avatar whosbainejakey
    The highlight of my night was finally meeting EPK, though for the life of me I cannot remember what I was dribbling about
    Sorry there EPK, hopefully I'll be more coherent the next time we meet. I've still got that telecaster that needs some TLC from you by the way...

    I'm really not joking about wanting that "nosferatu" pic taken down by the way. C'mon, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry...


    Schnickty schnickty!

    PS - just inteviewed David Gedge. My life is now complete! Edited by: whosbainejakey at: 8/27/02 12:47:09 pm
  27. avatar Andrew
    Is this the picture you're referring to?
  28. avatar whosbainejakey

  29. avatar s00z
  30. avatar EPK
    I was a bit of a busy ballix, BJ. I reckon CC, yourself and I can help kill some beer some night soon.