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  1. avatar Sansie
    hope this is alright to put here, Tryin to get support from all fastfuders on this one!!
    Thanx everyone!
  2. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    Good luck there, sorry I can't be there but we're playing Dungannon that night
  3. avatar satan polaroid
    My first post!
    I'm sure that Kurt pic will attract a number of city hall type kids. Good thinking.
  4. avatar s00z
    i did that one.. but it never made it to the printers due to my crappy shifts at work..
    Edited by: s00z at: 7/29/02 11:21:00 am
  5. avatar Wasp Boy
    The second one's better.

    Sorry again for pulling out. I'll try and get down anyway.
  6. avatar Cheeses Christ
    Doing up a wee small article for the Belfast Snooze as we speak.
  7. avatar exportsimsie
    sorry i aont been able to help much, i been runing about the place helpin out the DF's and BBE and other such stuff. I shall be there tho
  8. avatar EPK
    The second one's a corker.
    Use it as the generic one for all the gigs.
  9. avatar Sansie
    thanx people, yeah i'm hoping it will be a success too!!!

    The night is looking pretty good so far, posters are going up round the town tonight!!

    Also there will be FREEBIES at the night(subject to availability, i.e me begging to bands!!)

    Please come down and suport all these bands, and hopefully Auntie Annies, will let me make this a frequent event!

    tell your friends tell everyone!!!!!!!
  10. avatar s00z
    wont be there meself.. ill be off in newcastle!
    my big job interview is the next day! EAK! hope it goes well.
  11. avatar Sansie
    From what people are telling me, it should be a good night, the sounds will hopefully be good, and all the bands have been very supportive and helpful, which is so refreshing to see. The bands have actually been helping with promtion for the night, so hopefully we have something auntie annies cannot refuse.

    Also just a quick note to say, if anyone is interested in helping me run the night, if you could email me(InTornado2001@hotmail.com), or even better, come along on the night, and introduce yourself to me!!! that would be great
    Thanx people!
  12. avatar T Entertainment
    Good luck.
    Wasp Boy, that's not the only 'pulling out'..........and rest.
  13. avatar Camp XRay
    On the subject of Los Cabras and our premature pull outs (ahem)... anyone in the Dungannon area that night can check out Yakuza, The Killing Spree (first out-of-Belfast-experience) and um, probably someone else at the Fort.

    another plug worked in nicely.
  14. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    Oh Yeah!!!
    No workee,plenty drinkee!!!!
    Me gonna have fun!!
    Fun I tells ye!!!!!!
  15. avatar Wasp Boy
    Check your email, minx.

    And Iain, you better behave.
  16. avatar Sansie
    Smarties!!!!!!! theres word of some smarties wanting people to come along to the night to eat them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muhahahaha

    "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most"
  17. avatar Suki Monster
  18. avatar Camp XRay
    it means she's giving away smarties. like primary school, remember?
  19. avatar Suki Monster
    All I got in primary school was kickings. ;)
  20. avatar EPK
    But obviously not nearly enough
  21. avatar Sansie
    ok, what about lollipops, I can get lollipops, i like the chupa ones meself, anything to keep these music goers happy!!!!
    Right now i'm eating jelly babies, the ones were ya bite head head off first!!! but they're all covered in powder u get covered in.

    Anyway, i'm looking forward to hearin these bands, part from some demos, I aint even seen em live before!!! heres hoping!!!
  22. avatar Camp XRay
    jelly babies arent vegetarian. how about some chupacabras?
  23. avatar s00z
    never take sweets from strangers!!!

    i think sansie has had enuff sweeties.. anymore an she'll go from ultra hyper girly to her head exploding!

    wish i was gona be there

    wahh well newcastle is fun too.
  24. avatar Suki Monster
    u girls dont need to bring sweeties, surely u r sweet enuff ;)
    be prepared for a mind blowing show from tha Suki. It will be a super duper night :)
    Edited by: Suki Monster at: 8/4/02 6:54:25 am
  25. avatar Camp XRay
    cheesy charmer
  26. avatar Suki Monster
    well I do try. :)
  27. avatar exportsimsie
    i'll see you wretches there
  28. avatar s00z
    take fotos for me :P
    and if someone wants to do a wee review for www.s00z.com it would be appriciated
  29. avatar soulfluff
    I'll take photos for you s00z
    as long as I don't get drunk and demanding people strip or anything
  30. avatar s00z
    i wish i was gona be there.. but ill be plastered.. job interview is tuesday @ 9.30am and then im drivin down to London that night! eak!
  31. avatar exportsimsie
    good luck!
  32. avatar s00z
    i hope i dont need it but... im nervous as hell now.. i wasnt before!
  33. avatar rudedoodle
    I'm taking piccies too. It'll be battle of the cameras.
    I know who will win
  34. avatar Suki Monster
  35. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
  36. avatar Sansie
    Right people, Bandjax is on TOMMORROW NITE!!!!!!!!!!

    The line up as such is :

    doors open 9pm

    Suki 9:30 til 10:00

    15 minute break

    Grit 10:15 til 10:45

    15 minute break

    Invinyl 11:00 til 11:30

    15 minute break

    Edgeweather 11:45 til 12:15

    Hope that meets to everyones approval!!!!!!!!
    Should be a grand old night, and hopefully, i'll be taking a few snap shots throughout the night for all you lot missing it!!!

  37. avatar Monkee23
    Well im just shocked that the night before Bandjax, this topic aint top of the list............ Get on up there and tomorrow night get down there :O !!!!!!
  38. avatar Ronan Yakuza
    When we were out postering last night for our Katys gig on Wed, we noticed a few BANDjax ones here and there which had come loose/been postered over with big club night posters, so we dabbed a wee bit of paste or uncovered them appropriately.
    good luck tonight, call me trumpet-blower Edited by: Ronan Yakuza at: 8/6/02 12:03:02 pm
  39. avatar Suki Monster
    ITS TONIGHT! AND IT WILL BE THE BEST ROCK SHOW BELFAST HAS EVER SEEN! Make sure you all come down in time for Suki, u wouldnt want to miss the best rawk experience of ur lifes.
  40. avatar zebulon
    Mike is this gig on Friday on Bangor on or not?
  41. avatar Suki Monster
    Nope check yer email.
  42. avatar EPK
    I'll be dragging myself from my sickbed to go tonight, since the last time I had a cold a bottle of brandy killed it dead. I'll give it another go.
  43. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I shall be there in attendence, hurling abuse at the Invinyl boys for being a shower of ugly feckers.
  44. avatar EPK
    Yes, you do have to deal with the competition swiftly.
    Dirty Stevie...scaring horses and small children since 2001.
  45. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    I shall not be there, although I would really like to see Edgeweather again. I think they are a talented bunch of badboys.

    I'm just too jetlagged. I've been sleepless since Seattle.

    Good luck on the venture.

    [url="http://www.pandakopanda.com"]And it's good to be home. Belfast is alright.[/url]
  46. avatar s00z
    hope its goin well.. im in london now and not nearly as intoxicated as id like to be... night life in essex is pants.. decided not to take the job after all.. too big a risk :/
    ahh well.
  47. avatar xXFUGAZIXx
    Well done s00z and iain for last nights gig. Twas excellent and packed too.
  48. avatar The Evangelists
    Tha's good. About 'ow many. Enuff?

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"] The Evangelists[/url]
  49. avatar EPK
    Over a hundred...mebbe up to 150 even. Jammed, it was.
    A good night with many Fuders in attendance, and it seemed to me there were stacks of people who I'd never seen at gigs before. Well done, Sansie.
  50. avatar brianmcf
    Indeed, a good night had by all. Well done Sansie!
  51. avatar Suki Monster
    Completly brilliant night.
  52. avatar Monkee23
    Top night, very well done Sansie, crowd was excellent. Big thanks to everyone who came down. When's the next one???
  53. avatar s00z
    gwan ye girl ye! :P
    ill be at the next one.. and ill get me posters done on time this time!
  54. avatar Cheeses Christ
    Great night, great music.

    Sansie, can you e-mail me asap- to my personal bio e-mail if poss? Edited by: Cheeses Christ at: 8/7/02 3:38:45 pm
  55. avatar Sansie

    The crowd was over 150 people, and was a very good mixture, as was noticed, a different crowd to the usual!!
    Yes all these mad insane band groupies!!! It was excellent

    Big Thankyou to all the bands, they were really excellent, they turned up on time, and everything ran smoothly, its thanx to them that we got such an immense crowd and hopefuly Auntie annies, will let me make this a regular night!!

    I'm already making plans for the next one, however I wont be able to confirm anything until, I go into talks with the bosses.
    Also I'm trying to get a few more people interested in helping me run this night, and make this night, individualistic from those already running!!

    Hope to see ya all at the next one!!!!!!!
  56. avatar rudedoodle
    Congrats Sansie! A great night (even for us non-indie fans).
    I'll have the photos on my site tonight hopefully, my dad's got the camera today so I can't upload them, but they'll be on www.rudedoodle.tk pretty soon
  57. avatar Suki Monster
    I will have u know that we aint indie young lady!
  58. avatar rudedoodle
    Yeah, Paul, Simsie, Waspboy & myself all agreed that we enjoyed Suki the most.
    It was good you were on first, we've seen you a few times and I've never actually LISTENED to you due to alcohol making me go on my 'wanders' to talk* to people.

  59. avatar Suki Monster
    And u also got to meet freddie mercury!
  60. avatar Invinyl Wayne
    Job well done Sansie. A good night out for a tuesday.

  61. avatar rudedoodle
    IT WAS HIM!!

    I had a lot of embarrassing conversations last night
  62. avatar rudedoodle
    BandJax photos up at last, check the [url="http://www.rudedoodle.tk"]Edgeweather, Grit, Invinyl & Suki Sections![/url]
  63. avatar EPK
    Just noticed the above photo features Ryan BEV, Cheeses Christ, Shep and me.
  64. avatar Camp XRay
    which one are you then?
  65. avatar Suki Monster
    He is the one at the top right with the shiney eyes :)
    the one who is plotting to take over the sound desk.
  66. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    Good night for the Music Scene!!!!
    All credit to Sansie!!
    Now let's all stay behind it and continue to support it!!!
  67. avatar rudedoodle
    EPK did you get my mail about coming to visit?
    If not could you mail me??
  68. avatar EPK
    Oh I got it, all right.. it's just taking some time to dig out my exciting underwear, that's all...:-)
  69. avatar EPK
    How could anyone have missed me in the crowd?
    I'm pretty obvious.

  70. avatar edna welthorpe
    My first post!
    lol, you are a funny man
  71. avatar Chancellor of the Word
    My first post!
    Separated at birth?

    Our hero, centre. Edited by: Chancellor of the Word at: 8/8/02 4:17:30 pm
  72. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Eamonn, I never knew You worked with Bon Jovi......

  73. avatar T Entertainment
    He's drinking the collected tears of bands refused access to his shed in that pic, y'know. The shed where no trousers are allowed.
  74. avatar fhoadam
    yes but the most uncanny lookalike ever!


    Edited by: fhoadam at: 8/8/02 5:06:20 pm
  75. avatar Sansie
    NEXT.....ON BANDjAX.........

    Right folks, I've had a little chat to the bosses at Auntie Annies, they're thinking of the next date to be the first tuesday in September, which should give me even more time to make it another big night for all!!!!!!

    Theres lots of plans and ideas floatin about out there to make the night bigger and better, and once again there is talk of making this a regular gigging night, and one to keep in yer calender!!!!!!!

    Hopefully there will be more sweeties as well!!!!!! ahh you know you love em!!!!!!!!!
  76. avatar The Evangelists
    I heard there was cocaine in those lollypops. You'll have them addicted. :b

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"] The Evangelists
  77. avatar fastfude
    ah, I wish I still had my Feline / Alan Partridge lookalike shots...
  78. avatar fhoadam
    lol, now that was uncanny
  79. avatar exportsimsie
    I liked those lollys
  80. avatar EPK
    And let's not forget that holiday snap of Chris "Slipgate" Lindsay
  81. avatar xXFUGAZIXx
    benjamin denton/ross is the guy with the glasses from olympic lifts aussi
  82. avatar Sansie
    Ohhhhhh lovelyyyyyyy another nice new brand spanking night for you lot!!!!!!! woo hooo
    yessssss i'm gonna wet your appetite a little hear, dont wanna give it all away at once!!!!

    The next night will be on Tuesday 3rd Sept - with

    LOS CABRAS!!!!!!!!!

    More to come......................muahahahaha

    p.s. and more sweeties!!
  83. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    And methinks that the people who requested local music between bands may have their prayers answered...
  84. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    As long as it ain't Panda Ko Panda.

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"] The Evangelists[/url]
  85. avatar Sansie

    The 2nd BanDjax night



    doors open 9pm , £3 in

    There will also be DJ-ing by Jonny Agnew, who will be playing tracks from local bands to keep the Local scene theme going.

    Again i'd ask for your support as Auntie annies are still not confirming this to be a regular gig night!!

    OH OH OH and sweeties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any other requests or if ya wnat any more info
    email me:

  86. avatar Cheeses Christ
    Los Cabras totally rocked last night. I almost forgot to about this for the coming Belfast News, but I'll get in touch tomorrow Sansie about doing a piece.
  87. avatar rudedoodle
    Woo! My camera will be loose around Auntie Annies once more, and I promise Ian I will make sure I get more close-ups of you when LosCabs are on

    Strictly RedBull for me, mind
  88. avatar s00z
    im down for a stupid wee 3 hour shift that night but im sure i can pull a sickie just this once.
    But if any of my boats go missing im holding sansie and her wee disco responsible!
  89. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    More likely Steve Riot tho!!!!
  90. avatar Wasp Boy
    Will there be Mojo's, Blackjacks and Fruit Salads?

    Iain, phone me if you fancy a pint tonight.
  91. avatar Sansie
    Edited by: Sansie at: 8/27/02 7:02:49 pm
  92. avatar Sansie
    muahahahaha you wanna know how many times it took me to get that poster up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mad leek!
  93. avatar Andrew
    Sounds like a recipe for mayhem to me!

    Crossey, Roy, Goat, Evangelist boys - are you with me??
  94. avatar exportsimsie
    just let me make sure... there WILL be sweeties again wont there?
  95. avatar Andrew
    Why, are you planning to hide some in your afro?
  96. avatar Sansie
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes...... there will be sweeties!!!!!!

    i'm thinking, more refreshers.... hmmmm maybe some sherbet......a few lollies!!!!!!!!

    muhahahaha keeps everyone sweet!!!!!!!!
  97. avatar exportsimsie
    to answer your question andy, yes i am planing to hide some in my wonderful silky soft and smoth afro. problem?
  98. avatar Andrew
    May I suggest black jacks, fruit salads, drumsticks, fried eggs and a wide selection of fine Haribo products??

    Also, Julianne - check yer emails re 2nd Oct gig. Edited by: Andrew Griswold at: 8/27/02 11:51:28 pm
  99. avatar exportsimsie
    make sure u dont let iain's bead n e were near those sweets tho... we all know about him and his beard
  100. avatar Cheeses Christ
    I'll be there. But I'll not be drinking.

    ..Okay, maybe just 3 to 4 pints.
  101. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    The sweeties aren't in danger apparently!
    Its "fish fingers" now.
    Damn that Griswold!

    Can't make it Ian,Very busy!
    Maybe tomorrow?

    Lookin' forward to Bandjax!
    Should be cool!!
    Hopefully see y'all there!!
  102. avatar s00z
    drumsticks got bought

    and if ya's all behave i might even have some pez to add to the pile..
  103. avatar Wasp Boy
    No frickin' Pez. Damn ska-lovin' Yanks.

    Wham Bars!
  104. avatar Sansie
    I got sweeties, loadsa sweeits, oh oh oh
    and Haribo sweeties, those wee mix up thingys!!!!!!!

    Why am I feeling a strange obsession with sweets coming on!!!!!!!

    Well I'll be out with the camera at BanDjax, you have been warned, all wretchdness will be caught on camera!!!!!! and friggin cant wait to see los cabras singer struttin his stuff on stage....ohhhhh i feel some stage dives will be happening!!!!

    Oh yeah and their hunk of a drummer!!!!!! go bernard, go bernard, go bernard!!!!
  105. avatar Camp XRay
  106. avatar s00z
    sansie.. quit stealing my lines! :P
    pez rocks deal with it old boy!
  107. avatar Andrew
    Pez? No.

    Fizzy Lizzys & Long Johns? Yes.
  108. avatar s00z
    fine then! ill not bring any! ill eat them all myself.
    :mumbles something incoherant.
  109. avatar Camp XRay
    A message from the 'hunky drummer'...
    there will be a LIMITED amount of Los Cabras EPs available (for limited, read pathetic) at the show on Tuesday. The tracks are:
    321 Go
    Queen of Curves
    Red Sky Wake Up
  110. avatar Suki Monster
    Is there any online?
  111. avatar Camp XRay
    I wish. We don't even have a website! We'll be on a two month gig break throughout October and November while Jamie is away in Canada, during which time we'll hopefully construct a site with music and a video for '321 Go', pics, press clippings, etc.

    as well as that we'll be belting out some new material to accompany the Session tracks.
  112. avatar Sansie
    muahahahaha, this is just cos of what cheeses christ said, also

    I will be bringing a camera, to catch all the goings ons during the night, kinda to get the crowd feel as well as the bands, its kinda
    a good night out for the people as well, you know, as much as we like to give the bands a good time!!!!!!! YEah, and if anyone has any other ideas, for making the night even better, just send me an email, we dont want to restrict the night , but give it a specific meaning and atmosphere, to spur creativity and down right good ROCK N ROLL!!!!!!!!

  113. avatar Jonny Hi Five

    I really need to know the running order for this gig. I'm playing at the liberty blue jobbie, and DJing at this 'ere BANDjAX thingy, so I need to know when I should be DJing.

    Someone may have to DJ in my place for half an hour as well, early in the evening (from about 9ish).

    So, when do doors open, when is first band on, etc?


    Is it too late to phone Sansie?
  114. avatar Jonny Hi Five
    OK, I've already been told that doors open at 9, first band on at 10.

    This is, alas, a nightmare, because we're playing in the Menagerie at 9 apparently.

    But anyways, does anyone wanna DJ for half an hour?
  115. avatar whosbainejakey


  116. avatar whosbainejakey
    Also, could we have the stage times? I want to go to the Liberty Blue thingy for a while, but also catch some rock action.

    Perhaps those who intend to do likewise could pay in early and then get a "pass-out" so they can return later on?

  117. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Suppose it's too late to get some sort of collaberation going between the Liberty Blue night and BanDjax. Yeh know, a quid less at the doors if you go to both.

    [url="http://www.theevangelists.freeuk.com"] The Evangelists[/url]
  118. avatar Alternative Ulster
    I could DJ quite happily for the first hour, in fact i could play a set consisiting of entirely local music if that was cool.
  119. avatar Camp XRay


    rock Edited by: Camp XRay at: 9/4/02 2:25:56 am
  120. avatar Andrew
    Great gig, well done!

    Wasp Boy is starting to look more unhinged by the nano.

  121. avatar rudedoodle
    Waspboy's put on a few pounds in two weeks.
    His wee face was looking more rounded.

    We all go that way
  122. avatar s00z
    i dont *grins*
  123. avatar Andrew
    Wasp Boy is starting to resemble the ba$tard offspring of a potato, a bellhop and an escaped mental patient. Foul git.
  124. avatar Pete
    Great gig last night, my ears are still wringing the morning after .... always a good sign!!

    I think Rikmandu's bass player needs to take a soldering iron to some of those connections though..
  125. avatar s00z
    mine are still wringing too..
  126. avatar rudedoodle
    Mine aren't, but my nose bled while I was out having lunch with my school friend
  127. avatar Phobic Sting
    It's not his connections that are gonna get soldered, i can assure ya!!!

    Bloody bassists lol everybody point at the picture to the left and laugh!!!!

  128. avatar s00z
    aint he the same damien that punched one of the windows in Katy Daly's in a few months back?
  129. avatar Phobic Sting
    He's still a bit tetchy about that lol.

  130. avatar s00z
    ahh i thought so

    more photoies commin soon.
  131. avatar Phobic Sting
    the missus has just seen the photo and the first words out of her mouth were "You look constipated, there!".
    Charming lass wouldn't you say

  132. avatar s00z
    well.. she does have a point

    tbh there wasnt enuff fotos taken last night
    next time there will be more i promise! Edited by: s00z at: 9/4/02 3:07:39 pm
  133. avatar Phobic Sting
    Damn nice photos s00z

    And your not supposed to agree with her *sticks bottom lip out*

  134. avatar s00z
    credit goes to sansie for the rikmandu foties.
    there's another 2 here im doofin about with in fotoshop to try and brighten up etc.
    but ill leave it til we get the website up before i show em
    just to keep ya's in suspence.

    ok so maybe not constipated.. just in a bit of pain
  135. avatar RattzUk
    finally got my own fastfude login, YEA HAR!!!!!

    can't wait to see the rest of the gig pics
  136. avatar Rodantherockband
    Those photos are indeed awesome. Can I ask where you got that cool font (where it says 'los cabras @ banjax')? I'm redesigning the Rodan site and it would come in handy
  137. avatar Suki Monster
    Sadly I could go last night as it was our tech reunion party.But I paid in anyway (for some drunken reason).Did all the bands Rawk then?
  138. avatar s00z
    the bands did indeed rock.

    rodan consider the font emailed to you
  139. avatar rudedoodle
    Sooz, you outdid me on the photos. I can't brighten mine without them looking weird.
    [url="http://www.rudedoodle.tk"]Mine are up on my site anyway.[/url]
  140. avatar Phobic Sting
    can i just say that rattz is putting somthing suspicious in his gob in that photo.....just listened to los cabros, nww cd its tre class......does any one know ahen and where they play next?
  141. avatar RattzUk
    rik you really need to work on your typing

    Rude very nice pics, but in the bottom one i still look constipated
    lol Edited by: RattzUk at: 9/4/02 5:10:54 pm
  142. avatar Pete
    Oi Rattz!! Leave it out!! Not all us bass players are a pain in the ass, personally I'm indespensible to the band

    Photos are great btw!!!
  143. avatar Camp XRay
    Prize for anyone who can find one good shot of me playing live.
  144. avatar EPK
    I've a couple of good mental ones, but I can't find the drivers to link my brain to the printer.
  145. avatar Punk J
    My first post!
    Twas a great night, plenty of wisecracking idiots on and offstage.

    Just want to say thanks to everyone who donated to Ginas Action Cancer sponsorship.
    We collected over £44 last night.

    Now all I have to do is push her out of a crane.
    If anyones interested the jump is on Sunday at Clarendon Dock, admission £2 with plenty of other mayhems.
    Thanks again.
  146. avatar EPK
    I've told you, I'll double my money if she holds on to Waspboy's ankles whilst jumping.
  147. avatar RattzUk
    I'll match wot ever Eamonn's offering if she holds onto Waspboy's Privates(to put it nicely)
  148. avatar s00z
    thon hunky drummer! :P

    p.s good luck gina! might get down there on sunday if i can convince the harbour to release me
    Edited by: s00z at: 9/5/02 10:00:05 am
  149. avatar Wasp Boy
    I can't wait to see Gina dropped from a great height.

    If only she could take her husband with her and accidentally forget to anchor the rope.
  150. avatar Punk J
    'er indoors is jumping at 1pm on Sunday, shes out at the minute at the briefing meeting.
    Judging by the texts I'm getting they're just getting her pissed.
    Perhaps they plan to keep her pissed between now and Sunday?
    I guess it saves me doing it.
  151. avatar Camp XRay
    Hey hey! Hm. What would you like for your prize? Edited by: Camp XRay at: 9/5/02 9:55:58 pm
  152. avatar s00z
    if i told u id have to kill you :P

    how bout los cabras doin a session in my house... naked
    hehe im sure id get good fotos of that one!
  153. avatar Sansie

    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!


    Also the website is up and running, with a forum!!!!!!!!


    get there, and make some noise!!!!!!!

    ps still looking for bands and cd demos, contact details are at teh site
  154. avatar Sansie
    oh oh oh, is it monday>?????????? could it be BanDjax tommorrow night, ohhhhhh i think it is!!!

    woo hoo, more sweeties more rockin bands, more local band music DJing, more rantin and raving, more photos!!!!

    And you get to hear all about it on the new bandjax website


    get there and make some noise on the forum!!!
    and check out the photos section for the morning after shock horrors from the night before!!!!!!!!!
  155. avatar Ooopsapocalypse
    Yup Yup Yup!!!!!
    Support the scene!!!
    Y'know ya wanna!!!!